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Below is just a few of what you get with the Buy My Store Offer.

My Shop has closed at GDS, Thank You for a wonderful 4 years at GDS.  For a select time, If you still want to Buy My Store, I have uploaded everything to my personal Storage Site. Just PM on Facebook Messenger for details:) Price is $15.00 for over 200 products 90 plus Personal use kits and the rest are Commercial use products.  For now, i am also selling just my personal use items at My Memories until I find a new Home for all my products at a wonderful store. 

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Cr-rwb-preview1_medium Cr-dino-p1_medium Mm-p1_medium Cr-ribbit1_medium Egghunt-p1_medium Pc-p1_medium Hh-preview1_medium Ef-preview1_medium Osh-preview1_medium Qq-prev1_medium Pinic-prev1_medium Cr-nbc-prev1_medium

Cr-wc-prev1_medium Cr-ef-p1_medium Cr-sar-prev1_medium Sah-prev1_medium Cr-faf-p1_medium Cr-wpoo-prev1_medium Cozycp1_medium Gbl-p1_medium Tts-p1_medium Gbl-addonp1_medium Aspreview1_medium Hh-p1_medium



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